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Originally posted by devilstar
really strange that we are using the same stuff but i get uae crashes. when i try to run PAL screen then the amiga hangs when trying to accessing configuration.
Interesting that you mention this...I have (on my real A2000) DOpus 4.12 and my motherboard has been hardware hacked to PAL. When I try to access the Configuation in Opus, it allows me to do so -- but only the first time (in a boot session). If I try it again, I think the computer crashes (I haven't tried this in years, as I have Opus the way I like it). Also, my monitor died and I had to replace it with a different one that needs adjusting to display the full PAL height, so I just changed over to NTSC in Workbench until I get around to it. When I get home, I'll try editing my Config from NTSC and see if I have problems. The results should be interesting.
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