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The following is posted on behalf of Amigaboy.


And here's Amigaboy's long winded reply
My favourite is definately Hyper Fighting. It has the playability of SFII and awesome speed. It's that simple
If I were to choose a 2nd, it would be a toss up between SFII, SFA2 and SFA3. They're all great

Now to talk like a true SF gamer
There are various things wrong with the list:
-> CE and Hyper Fight should have the ' next to the II. ie. Street Fighter II' Champion Edition. I don't know the significance of this little thing, but it's there
-> The Street Fighter Zero series (if you want to get technical) is easier than the Alpha series, even though they're the same game (Zero was released in Asia, Alpha was released everywhere else). This isn't a big thing since they're virtually the same and the names are interchangeable. But I always prefer the Alpha games because they're a bit harder to conquer
-> Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha is missing. The changes are: [list=a][*]You can fight Shin Gouki. He's friggin hard though! [*]You can choose alot of the characters to not have any Super meter [*]A couple of characters have their original SFII playability back (secret modes). [*]Evil Ryu is available [/list=a]
-> Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper is missing. The changes are: [list=a][*]Sega Naomi hardware is used, hence why it's not in MAME [*]Balrog is back (he was in SFA3/SFZ3, but was a secret character) [*]Juni and Juli are available (also in SFA3/SFZ3, but also secret characters previously) [*]Guile is back (!!!!!!) [*]T Hawk is back [*]Dee Jay is back[*]Fei Long is back [*]Evil Ryu is available [*]Shin Gouki is available [*]Released in Japan only [/list=a]
-> You forgot the EX series of games, which were great. They had the playability of the original SFII, as well as an awesome combo system: [list=a][*]Street Fighter EX [*]Street Fighter EX+ [*]Street Fighter EX 2 [*]Street Fighter EX 2+ [*]Street Fighter EX 3 (is there a + version?) [/list=a]
-> I don't know the story behind the SNK/Capcom VS games, but I believe some people call Capcom VS SNK, SNK VS Capcom (I prefer the first name). I don't know why. Also, Capcom VS SNK has a different subtext to SNK VS Capcom.....I don't know really
-> Capcom VS SNK 2 is missing
-> Capcom VS SNK 2 EO is missing (X-Box only I think)...I don't know the difference between EO and normal since I've never played EO
-> Marvel VS Capcom is the correct name. I've never heard anyone refer to it as Capcom VS Marvel
-> Marvel VS Capcom 2 is missing
-> Street Fighter III: New Generation is missing
-> Street Fighter: The Movie is missing
-> Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix/Pocket Fighter is missing
-> Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo is missing, even though it's not a fighting game (apparently you can play this online at !!)
-> The VS games are an iffy subject. Alot of people prefer them over the originals, but they're not exactly Street Fighters when it comes to playability. They're great games, but I don't classify them as Street Fighters. They're in their own class in my opinion

I haven't played all the games on the list, so I can't give my full recommendations. Those that I haven't played are:
-> Street Fighter III - All of them
-> Marvel VS Capcom 2
-> Street Fighter EX 3
-> Capcom VS SNK 2 EO

Here's a fun bit of Trivia about Street Fighter 1:
"The original location test version of this game used pressure sensitive pads (Mechatronics) to measure the three strengths of attack used in the game - the bonus stages were unregulated tests of strength where the harder you hit the pad, the more you would score.
You can imagine how much abuse the machines took, apparently one individual climbed up on top of the machine and drop kicked it to get a high score.
After a large number of injuries, and a high damage bill, Capcom replaced the system with individual buttons for each strength - the now common 6 button layout. "

My final thoughts:
-> I possibly forgot some stuff, but I'm not sure. It's a long list of games
-> I'm surprised at the popularity of the Super Street Fighter II series of games! Sure they've got a bit of a fun factor, but c'mon! Apparently, most of the Street Fighter playing world talks about these games with high regard...hmph
-> Who the hell voted for Street Fighter 1. It's too slow and unresponsive
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