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Originally Posted by squidbass View Post
Back in 2013 I announced to an uncaring world that I had ported Csound v3 to the amiga. Well, I've managed to obtain sources for v4 (really not easy as Csound org don't have it) and have it working. I must say these sources have been cleaned up considerably. I would love to get the midi side working with camd, but for now it can compile most orchestras/scores. AHI integration and some intuition interfaces would be cool too. Time is my enemy tho

csound4 -A -m7 -o bach.aiff bach.orc bach.sco
Watch the ascii grfx and output
Make a cup of tea
play16 bach.aiff
Where does one get CSound v4 sources then?

(And you are 100% right about an uncaring world, uncaring Amiga Community for sure!)
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