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Choose between those Beatīem Ups (Poll)

Hello Folks, little Nibbler here

I thought to myself " Hey Nibbler, you like to push Buttons right ?
You little ....... ; then why not making a fun little Poll ? "

This time " Choose between those Beatīem Ups ".

David versus Goliath.

Only one will prevail ( i trust in my wise AMIGA BOARD Community )

Lets me tell you .....
One of those is VERY FUN , the other is NOT.

One of those runs on every Amiga ,
the other dosenīt run on any Amiga ( stable )

One of those has VERY CATCHY music and awesome gamplay,
the other has NOT

One of those is freaking hilarious, specially when you play in turbo mode , the other is NOT

One of those if worth the money, the other is just a waste of money
( and i owned both , ORIGINAL !! )

One of those got great review score that are true,
the other got hyped faked scores.

I can go on and on Man i love "one of those games" so much,
and the other .... well ... NOT

Hey, at least i didnīt drop any specific name here hehe

Now its time, for the all so wise AMIGA BOARD Community
to show some taste here.


But Choose wisely !!

Show how itīs done my wise friends !

Letīs kick some butt here !!!

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