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Just wanted to post this from their newsletter;

We are very pleased to announce a new Kickstarter campaign for ‘From Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga Years!’ here;

This is to produce a standalone and totally new film on the Commodore Amiga, how it was devised, created and released and then what it did for the games industry. You will notice Oliver Frey has created for us a truly stunning cover, we were so happy when it arrived, he really is one of the friendliest, most talented people we have ever had the fortune to meet and work with and we only hope we can do such a cover justice and make a great film should we get funded.

Nicola and I also feel we should add regarding the new campaign, at the moment we are asking for enough money to make the core 90 minute film. If many people want to see a film on the Amiga and stretch goals become likely then that could mean more content on the main disc, or even to the possibility of a second disc or extra download, basically if we promise to make any extra content then we would ensure this would apply to all backers. There would be no upgrades later on down the line! This is a basic 30 day campaign, if we end up deciding to add more content to the project then everyone benefits as we want to keep this nice and simple so we can concentrate on making the film and doing the best job possible! Handling even the admin on the multiple versions before was...challenging!
Here are the figures after just the first couple of days, its looking rosey folks. Cool Very Happy

297 backers
£10,743 pledged of £50,000 goal
Average per person: 36.17171717171717
28 days to go

(looks good for Team 17!! )

So who's backed this??
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