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Originally posted by Nazgûl
You're right, the expansion slots of the A1000 and the A500 are exactly the same except that on the A1000 the slot is upside down. But this fact makes a lot of A500 expansions unusable for the A1000, because they just can't be turned upside down.
That's very true. MicroBotics was one of the few companies (as I recall) that actually took advantage of this fact. The StarBoard 2 was sold for both the A1000 and the A500, but the company only produced one board. The only difference between the A1000 and A500 versions was the case that they installed the board in.

Originally posted by Severin
The A1000 slot isn't just upside down, it's rotated 180°'s ...
Ummm ... correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't upside down and rotated 180° the same thing, so long as you pick the proper axis to rotate around?

As for the other points you note, they're right on target.
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