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Hello! Newbie to the Amiga, but have problems getting started...

Hey all!

I'm into retro computing, but I'm never owned an Amiga. I have recently purchased an A1200, but I'm struggling to even get the thing started

The machine came with six floppy discs, Amiga Workbench 3.0, Workbench, Extras, Storage, Fonts, Locale and finally a OS Install disc from

I have connected everything up, but when I boot from the Workbench floppy, I end up with a message saying this:

Please insert volume
in any drive

I presume that someone has messed with original disk set? Is there anywhere that I can download images for Workbench 3.0 (or possibly 3.1) so I can re-write my original floppies? My machine has version 3.00 ROM.

My Amiga came with a 2.5" IDE to CF adapter fitted with a 4Gb CF Card. Suspiciously this wasn't actually installed in the machine. I have since fitted it, but the machine doesn't try to boot from IDE.

I hope that someone will be kind enough to offer some advice?

All the best


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