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A small bug-report:

Immediately after installing and rebooting, running some of the preferences and changing the icon set, causes Workbench to lock up. After rebooting again, the problem is usually gone for good. I've run into this in some of the older versions of BetterWB, but I can't always reproduce it.

The palette set by FullPalette doesn't always persist even if some colors are supposedly locked. If you run f.ex. the mouse pointer preferences, it will change the colors on the Workbench screen.

PatchWB still locks up the system after trying to open the Workbench screen. If you run f.ex. DPaint and tell it to close the Workbench screen, and then either open it again or quit to Workbench, the system locks up. PatchWB effectively causes the very problem it attempts to fix.
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