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Lightbulb BetterWB 4.0 27-February-2015

BetterWB 4.0 27-February-2015

This is a new version of BetterWB workbench pack, that aims to be an enhancement, an updated extension to AmigaOS 3.1, without all those hardware requirements typically associated with these kind of packs. It is indeed a better 3.1 than 3.1 itself!

BetterWB works on any Amiga. It installs on top of a clean AmigaOS 3.1 installation. It is distributed as a set of floppy images and occupies about 10MB of harddrive space.

Changes since last version:

-Rebooter has a fast performing bootable ram option
-LockDevice is a command which between other things, changes the read and write status of a drive
-Icon.library has been updated to 46.4.408
-Fat95 has been updated to 3.18
-Dir now generates a wider and more clear display mode
-ConBuffer gives scrollbars to any cli (configured by default for Zshell)
-A new commodity, PM, a cpu/process meter
-Datatypes.library 45.4 corrects several bugs and is a little bit faster than its previous counterpart
-DOSDrivers for Jaz and Zip drives are included. If you still have one of those magnetic dinosaurs
-Reduced the memory footprint just another extra bit.
-A few more minor fixes and tweaks.

You can download BetterWB from its homepage at:
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