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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
seems alain is bit short on time and motivation, even if he is certainly a valuable coworker. there are still some others with the experience in the field. karlos from aorg coded improved w3d replacement drivers, deadwood did aros mesa port, mazze did port wazp to aros and provided a mesa backend afaik. but to get some common goal outlined here might prove difficult.
I hope Karlos helps with at least the Permedia 2 driver but then I thought he was already part of the W3D dev team. He might be busy as he hasn't been posting much on lately. Someone may pass him up in post count in a few years at this rate .

Originally Posted by Cowcat View Post
Didn't know I was Amiga Developer. Or a developer Kind words.
Yea, you play with code for the Amiga and then one day you wake up and find that you are an Amiga developer .

Originally Posted by Cowcat View Post
The only thing that bothers me of all this mess is the legal aspect of "tinkering" software & share with others in an attempt to improve something old (like w3d libs). Sure, an official fixed-enhanced libs in 2015 could be awesome for all different hardware configurations, instead of "what happens if I reverse engineer this and move that code out".
I hope they will be more open with it so it gets developed as it's not exactly state of the art any more. It will be for legacy compatibility as new software moves to Gallium. Not only is Warp3D old tech but it really should be part of the AmigaOS so I hope they aren't too proud of it.
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