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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
I've noticed over the past few years a lot of people have been using Artemio's 240p test suite on a lot of consoles but I haven't seen anything similar for the Amiga?

The test itself is very useful for diagnosing video problems especially with the popularity of video scalers, The test is also useful for diagnosing CRT issues.

My question is, are there any similar test suites out there for the Amiga that are as thorough as Artemios?

I'm not sure if someone has ported his test suite and it just isn't listed for download but the source code appears to be available for each version.
Most of this pictures is not real test signals but rather pictures that looks like test signals. For real test signals they need to be bandlimited to avoid ringing/transient issues.
If You are interested i can prepare a real test signals for Amiga (of course they will be sometime limited as limited is HW capabilities).
I can produce signals same or better than Tektronix (but not only) reference sources.
Some of those signals are described in detailed way by ITU-R BT.801 but not all. Making such signals is one of my work activities.
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