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Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
Does that mean that in the next beta of WinUAE we get the A1000 prototype in the Quickstart menu?
Unfortunately it isn't that simple.

Disk CIA pins seem to be differently wired. No one knows what kind of disk format it uses (it has no dos and no dos filesystem in rom). No one has floppies that originally came with it.

It only shows some green garbage on screen (second copper list contains garbage, first copper list is same as in later official roms). Real hardware shows same corruption.

Lots of unknowns.

It writes some debug info to serial port:

AMIGA ROM Operating System and Libraries.
Copyright 1984 by Commodore Amiga, Inc..

exec Version 23.93 (Tue Feb 12 11:53:20 PST 1985).
Dancing April Fool's GFXLIB 24.20 Apr 1,1985.
timer Version 23.207 (Thu Mar 7 19:38:02 PST 1985)..
TrackDiscDriver/Init: running on a Paula..
TrackDiscDriver Version 23.285 (Thu Mar 7 19:48:54 PST 1985)..
graphics vector nop.
graphics vector nop.
audio Ver 24.3  (Thu Mar 7 17:25:04 PST 1985)..
resources: CIA:0x15D0 disk.resource:0x1618 ..
devices: timer:0x1B6A TrackDiscDriver:0x1CBA Keyboard:0x1EBA GamePort:0x2020 Console:0x23B8 ..
libraries: exec:0x1282 graphics:0x1888 math:0x1AEC Utility:0x1E2A input.library: 0x230A audio:0x39B4 debug:0x3B2C ..
(btw, it is "velvet", not "verve")
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