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Originally Posted by mritter0 View Post
This is more of a little annoyance than a bug:

I start a copy of WinUAE with OS3.9.
Start another copy with OS4.1FE.

For my programming I do most of the major stuff in Windows still. Copy it to a floppy in OS3.9 then onto OS4.1FE from the floppy.

Everything is loaded. I switch to OS3.9, F12, it has the OS4.1FE config highlighted since it was the most recent loaded config. I have to be sure to pick the OS3.9 config then the Floppy drives.

Could you make it so the highlighted config matches the actual running config? I don't really care what config was used last.

Put two copies of winuae.exe in two different folders and have a winuae.ini file in each. Then they are independent and each has its own last used config.

For sharing data with OS4 the best is a network drive mounted with SMBFS. Then both instances can see the files at the same time.
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