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Winuae config for maximum performance?

I am trying winuae on two separate machines...

3ghz single core 3 gig ram pc windows 7 - Demos run choppy and slowly.
slowdown, catch up. really surprising its as bad as it is.

2.4ghz quad core 4 gigs, windows 7 - Not horrible, but still occasional choppiness.

I have the priority set high. I have 68020 fastest possible, aga chipset,plenty of ram, sound at 22k Stereo, no filters, no interpolation. Same problems running os3.x amiga forever or running amikit as base.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Its been awhile since I ran emulation but I'm sure I did better than this on slower lower spec pc's in the past. I would think each machine should be fast enough to run amiga demos without choppiness of sound or slowdowns...

Can someone give me tips for maximizing performance?
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