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Originally Posted by ovale View Post
Maybe someone living in USA can use this as starting point to track who acquired CSG stuff. After all, this should be public documents and available somewhere.

We need to search for tapes (but i'm afraid that they may be lost as mentioned earlier - this will be not firs and last when technical documentation is lost - tapes are easy to destroy). and your link

Originally Posted by ovale View Post
About decapping, these guys already have Amiga chips. Maybe someone expert with the tool can use kickstarter (or similar) to finance the reverse engineering.
Yes, i've raised this earlier - have no experience with kickstarter but i will be glad to put some donation on it.

Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
Exactly, that's a shame, I would really like to see CloneA having 100% compatibility (if it ever comes out!) - the only way of getting an 1:1 copy with all the quirks of the original chips would be to decap them
With 5um this can be made in home but with my procrastination syndrome i wouldn't declare anything.
Anyway seem that deccaping is nothing special nowadays and probably it is only one chance to recover and protect Amiga IP (also offer some improvements however for me beside some small improvement it is more important to have single chip solution).

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