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Below is a fairly quick image of the original game with added aliens and a 256 colour version (not optimised palette)

The main challenge was not to modify/destroy the actual design but try to give the game more depth and colour, so the background is a little darker. I anti-aliased most/all elements.

TjLaZer - I remember reading that on wikipedia recently about early A1000 models.

Micheal - I will look into those other games, swiv is a fun game, I think Menace does do the dynamic palettes for the aliens, need to look further though. I'm sure if i could track down the developers they could answer my questions

The big attraction of this game while its not highly rated, was that it was a little easier to complete and I really enjoyed the parallaxing effect.

Mrs Beanbag - I did notice the first level (the one I'm showing above) did seem to use similar greens but it is slightly different.

Going from the below images it does seem to shift/have dynamic palette changes. (35 colours) (37 colours)

Thanks again for your feedback
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