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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
matt, please dont call me in line with actual developers. also, you know im considered a 68k troll on forums, so i dont fit in your definition.;P
You strike some nerves sometimes but you are not a troll. You are a valuable part of a development team even if you are a better tester than coder. In a better Amiga development environment, you would probably be working with audio or something more artistic. Every developer has different strengths and weaknesses. I could never code C/C++ with the likes of a NovaCoder or Alain Thellier either .

Originally Posted by saimon69 View Post
Actually i do cooperate with Meynaf, pity the time is tight so no work done lately

Plus my rant was more directed for the os4 core devs and their holier than thou attitude and people like Cosmos...
I understand the frustration, and trust me, other developers here have dealt with it too. People like Cosmos have let it get to them and buck the system. The Hyperion devs are getting a wake up call and a little Karma back at them. I think we may have a little shake up here which could be good. We will see who is picked for 68k W3D development. I would try to get Alain Thellier as the lead programmer even if it meant loaning him hardware. He is the only Amiga guy who knows 3D as well as the Frieden brothers, he is a good programmer and he is a team player. He should have had access to the W3D sources a long time ago and then there would be a software renderer for it instead of Wazp3D. There are other little injustices that would need addressing before the AmigaOS 68k and PPC could move forward together.
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