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Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
Ahh sorry, I'm with you on that one. I must admit I keep an eye on Aros and use it myself in a VM, but its not AmigaOS and never will be. I also don't or will ever use OS4 but thought this was worth reporting at the time. OS4 has been flogging a dead horse with PPC from day one, but that's what they wanted and that's what they got. Funny thing is, 68k OS3 seems to have got more updates in the time since OS4 was born, and may it continue!
Aros is not Amiga OS and will never be? I have to ask why?

I am starting to compare the different system libraries to make porting easier. I have started with intuition:

as you see aros implements almost all 3.1/3.5 routines. On graphics library it is similar (differences are there more if everything in every routine is already implemented). That is not really surprising because Aros main goal is to implement 3.1. API. So what else is Amiga OS. It is a certain directory structure (the same), the ROMs (Rom replacements from Toni Wilen), 68k (Aros is completely 68k). Then there is only the desktop, the Wanderer (Aros original) is not very good but you can also use Scalos and Magellan. On Aros Vision I use Magellan (the normal 68k version), there is AHI, CybergraphX 3, WHDLoad, MUI 3.8, ClassAct and so on. What more Amiga would you expect?
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