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I own 2 nowadays, but I absolutely *hated* it when it came out. I could not believe that Commodore would release such an underpowered system. I had the A1200 at the time (btw, still do) and to me, it was blindingly obvious that the first thing you wanna do is to throw in a faster CPU and some Fastram.
Now, I see that many consoles with better hardware failed too, so maybe it wouldn't have mattered. But the one thing I dislike is that there are so few expansions. For the 1200 you can easily get 030 cards, but for the CD32 you need to pay like $500 to get one of those SX expansions.. Crazy..
And If I look back and ask myself -which was the best game on cd32 - I cant really come up with any original exclusive releases that are truly awsome.
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