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Originally Posted by oldpx View Post
Some people think AB3d2 is not poop? That's interesting.
Its not. In retrospect it may have a bunch of flaws (Ye level design is not great), but I had a 060 when it came out and I could play it in 1x1 and it had awsome effects never before seen on an Amiga. The other FPS game at the time looked more or less like shit or were only boring tech demos. I played it through twice and enjoyed it alot.
Dont remember exactly in which order I played these but I remember thinking Breathless looked real nice, but after a while it gets very samey and boring. Nemac IV was nice the way I remember it. (Again on 060). Genetic Species is one of those games I wanted to play but I think I only played a demo of it. Its damn near impossible to find on ebay, or amibay too ;-) (Ye i want the boxed version :-)
The first Alien Breed 3D was actually a really good game, but there's no way denying it looked "dated" even back then with the tiny screen and 2x2 pixels...
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