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I have worked with many current Amiga devs and I do *not* have the same overall opinon of them. Frank "phx" Wille, Chris "Novacoder" Raynor, Olaf "olsen" Barthel, Peter Keunecke, Toni Wilen, Phil "meynaf" Guichardon, Alain Thellier, Chris Young, Andy "broadblues" Broad, Eduardo "cowcat" Nicolau, Samuel "Samurai" Crow, Piotr "ami_stuff" Bandurski, Don Aden, Wawrzyniec "wawa" Tokarski, Philippe "mrodfr" Bovier, etc. are exceptionally friendly and helpful especially considering they aren't making any money. Maybe that is "commune" like where everyone pitches in. These guys are meek, not violent overthrowers of the system even though some of us have had bad experiences and been frustrated by that system. I think most of us would like to see some positive change in this regard and I'm hoping it will happen now that A-Eon has more leverage in regards to Hyperion. I've seen some positive moves so far.

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