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I knew that i'll have this kind of reply, who knows ??? AEON has the money if they see that there is a possiblity they could perhaps try to do something.
I can't beleive that they are just doing all those stuffs just for fun, i don't eat it. They must have a plan, i don't know which one but they surely have one.
If they have no plans what is the goal ??? If they are just doing this for fun, it's just a crazy stuff. Perhaps i'm wrong and those guys from AEON are just there for fun, i hope they are not so crazy but who knows ?? One fact is sure if they stay on the poor ppc cpu market, there is no futur like there is no present even, on this fact we think the same. I would perfer a fpga 68020 200 mhz + amiga os to a fair price than a overpriced ppc amigaone. thanks to them to make it available for the guys who had a lot of money but if there is nothing else, i don't see the point.
I still hope to see something new in the computing industry because i find that for the moment, this is really boring... boring like hell... I still hope that a big company like IBM will give it a strike, but it's just a hope and if the amiga could jump on the train, it's even better... But i really just hope that something fresh will happen. intel, intel, intel... win,win,windows, etc etc... It was less boring in the 80's.

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By the way, the linked cpu costs a fortune.
Perhaps they will do a cheaper version later for home computers ??

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