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er, the sarcasm light is off, please turn it on: what i wrote is the perception that people in the so-called mainstream forums like and seems to have about AROS, and how some developers seems to relate with other people - do i need to mention Cosmos,Tobias Richter or the os4 devs?

...if to be legitimated to give my opinion have to show my pedigree then let me: a past of amiga musician and graphic artist/animator, am also an advocate of AROS, going around to talk, writing a blog and even exposing at open source events like SCALE in 2009 and last year (not this year, too busy with work and trying to move), been an icaros tester, an ARIX tester, tried to do zulu stuff; at the and also writing blog articles on an italian tech site;

I fully endorse the idea to develop AROS 68k further so to have a modern system in old machines and a viable one in the FPGA incarnations with the undoubtful advantage of being open and so no company to beg our stuff on: in my wildest dreams would love to see AROS 68k ported on other 68k machines so to have a sort of common platform to cross-develop with given system-friendly programming, like x68000 and falcon;

is just that p15535 me off see the inertia of people in those two forums, ready to dismiss the effort due to trivial things like "lacking the name", "is incomplete", "is a bad thing to have more distros" (yup, andres said that) and other excuses to just piggyback and not help...

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