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Big grin The Commodore way...

In 1987 I started with a second-hand Commodore Vic-20, during Summer 1989 I bought a second-hand C64 for 45 Euro from an uncle of mine. Two weeks later its internal circuits were blown up (don't know exactly why) with only the power-button and keyboard remaining intact. Three months later I bought a new C64 which I owned until summer 1991. Then I bought my Amiga 500 which I enjoyed until 1995 when the PC began to occupy most of my time.

The strange thing is I always preferred games of machines I did not own anymore. On C64 I desperately tried to find games that also appeared on Vic-20 like Fast Eddie, Pacman and Choplifter. On Amiga I bought a C64-emulator only to play classics like Impossible Mission, Boulderdash and Rambo 2 at a snail speed. Now I own a PC I try to collect anything from Amiga.
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