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Originally posted by staticgerbil
I think someone once said that the side expansion slot of the 1000 was the same as the slot on the 500? Hmmm. Can't remember.
Long ago, one of my friends used to be an Engineer at Microbotics (from whom I purchased a StarBoard memory expansion for both my A1000 and my A500), and I clearly recall that he told me that the pinout of the side expansion for both the A1000 and the A500 were the same, except that (as he put it) the board was "upside down", meaning that the StarBoards for both machines were interchangeable if they were oriented properly. So yes, the expansion slot is the same, so long as the device is properly oriented when it is plugged in. Not being a hardware guru though, I'd seek additional confirmation before trying any potentially mobo-frying experiments that might come to mind.
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