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Originally Posted by fgh View Post
Use FS-UAE. It's the only recently developed emulator for Mac.
It uses the WinUAE emulation core, so it's just as precise.
FS-UAE is great, if you just want to just emulate all the Amiga models without the millions of hardware add-ons for it. Problem is, it takes Frode forever to release a development version for it, and whenever he releases a new version, it's only bug fixes and no additions. The last feature he added was the Toccata sound card.

FS-UAE mainly relies on you having to mess around with config files if you want to emulate a particular piece of hardware/feature. All the options that FS-UAE supports are mentioned here. However, there are no descriptions for some of these (which you can see near the bottom of the page), and I already asked if if you want to emulate the FPU, whether you put fpu = 68030 or fpu = 68881. The point is that I don't think he updates it.

Sorry, I like WinUAE better. Toni has put a lot of effort into it so far.

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