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The Amiga was, more or less, my first computer. Somewhere in the mid to late 80's, my mom ended up taking home some behemoth Tandy computer system from work (given to her when the company folded) that was pure ASCII and used 8" disks! I played with it and became comfortable with understanding how to create entries in its database, loading/storing files, etc. So later that year, my sister replaced that monstrosity with an IBM XT (amber monochrome!) that I eventually upgraded to a Hercules card. It was then that I realized I could not play the CGA game of Wheel of Fortune that I wasted $15 on, so I just used it for MS Word and my classes in dBase III.

Then I started my video production business where we used character generators for titling. It cost $2000, had a limit of 2 fonts and 3 sizes, only stored its pages to temporary memory, was sluggish & buggy & hard to use, and each new font cartridge cost $100 (no mixing of fonts). So you can imagine the cost of upgrading to the industry standard Chyron system.

We got a demo tape for the A500 after sending in a postcard from some magazine and were blown away. We never believed such a beast could exist - much less for the mere under-$1000 pricetag it boasted, but figured if it would only do what our existing character generator did, then we could sell that and save hundreds of dollars in the exchange.

Were we ever in for a rude awakening! Then and only then did I become an official computer geek. Each passing day saw me becoming more engrossed and consumed by this wonderbox. In the process, I became educated on other computers and to this day I'm still underwhelmed by the competition. Of course I bought my own collection of Amigas, so in effect, it's my first computer. I ended up snaking that old XT from my mom and used it to host my Amiga BBS for years.
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