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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
I was sure you went on wikipedia. Sorry, but this information is wrong. It is just said on frontier webpage that the game was made in 68000 assembler, with not specification. However, back in the day, i read in french magazines that Braben was an "openly ST fanboy" bragging out about the ST CPU clocked higher !

As such, i have removed on Wikipedia this false entry.

"David began programming Frontier on the Commodore 64, but then later moved development onto an Amiga computer which had far less limitations than the Commodore 64."



It took David Braben five years to develop Frontier: Elite II. He started programming it on Commodore 64 but eventually continued the development on Amiga computers instead, as the C64 was not only becoming out of fashion, but had way too many technical limitations for this type of game."

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