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Originally Posted by nandius_c View Post
All credits for the nice graphics have to go to Toni Gálvez, he can give more details about them. The vertical scroll sections are there because the demo, as you know, is based in Konami's Salamander. IIRC not many horizontal shmups in Amiga have vertical sections. In fact, I can only think of Turrican II shmup levels... but probably there are more that I can't remember .

It's encouraging to see people using part of his time not only to try our demo but also to write some words about it, letting us know what you liked or not. Thanks!
I am glad that you like the graphics, the intro animation part was modeled and rendered in Lightwave 11 with some colors (I had to be care that fits on 16 colors). I use the cell shader option. Then, later, when I convert the images, they look almost exatly like the original render.

About the ingame graphics, I load the original map from MSX mage and pic the tiles from it, I retouched some details, the brain was the bigger part to improve, I clean a lot of dither and add some colors (I use full 16 colors palette and change the color tones) sometimes, I preffer the colorfull graphics of japanese games. And, I made the map bigger, because MSX has 256x192 and Amiga is 320x256.

About the sound, we have a KSS player where you can turn off some channels in the music, then, we sample the chords, drums and bass from the Salamander MSX theme, then, we obtain the music almost like the original, very nice chip sound. I preffer to avoid the arpegios to make chords, when we can have some small chords sampled, giving the illusion of more channels without CPU or voice mixing.

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