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Middle mouse button problem in WinUAE


I'm using WinUAE 2.8.1, had to re-install it after changing computers.
Running under Windows XP SP3.

On the old Windows XP machine, whenever I would press the middle mouse button, WinUAE would switch me back to my Windows desktop. This was a VERY useful feature for flipping back and forth between AmigaOS and Windows. The great thing was that it worked BOTH from Amiga native chipset and RTG screens.

With the re-install of WinUAE, middle mouse button press from within WinUAE will only throw me back to the Windows desktop from native chipset screens. When using an RTG screenmode and pressing the middle mouse button, the windows mouse pointer appears, but the Amiga screen remains foremost.

Please note that I DO have "UNTRAP=middle mouse button" checked under the Miscellaneous settings tab of WinUAE.

How can I get the same behaviour for the middle mouse button when using both RTG and native chipmode screens within WinUAE?

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