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Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
"Braben originally programmed the game for the Amiga in 68000 assembly language. It had roughly 250,000 lines of code, which were ported from 68000 assembler to the PC's 80286 assembler by Chris Sawyer."
I was sure you went on wikipedia. Sorry, but this information is wrong. It is just said on frontier webpage that the game was made in 68000 assembler, with not specification. However, back in the day, i read in french magazines that Braben was an "openly ST fanboy" bragging out about the ST CPU clocked higher !

As such, i have removed on Wikipedia this false entry.

ok. what game than does use blitter instead of CPU for 3D?

btw more sensible explanation than "it is ST game port so there is no blitter use" is that blitter is not used since Elite II appear in time when there were more powerfull machines than plain ST or A500 where blitter is slower than main CPU.

and where did you find that "David Braben was an ST fanboy"? As I read, he was more BBS/Archimedes fan since best, most complete, version of Elite 1 is for Archimedes. Zarch is also writen first Archimedes...
I read it back in the day in french magazines. I'll try to find back an article or interview about this matter.
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