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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Works and was designed for it/manufactured with 3.x rom are two different things
Maybe I should have been a bit clearer. Some of these boards did ship with a version 3.x ROM.

My GVP Combo 030 board is the same version as shown at My board came with the same "OMNI3.5" ROM shown in the picture (gvpscsi.device 3.14). The rev.3 board pic at shows ROM version 3.12. (Its label says VER.3.12S/3.2A; I wonder if that version also contains an IDE driver for the older GVP accelerators?)
Real hardware information needed. Because same ROM is supported by multiple GVP boards, ROM data can't be used to guess hardware capabilities, like RAM size.
That might be hard to obtain, e.g. testing whether a board works with 16MB SIMMs if that capability wasn't advertised. But that's not too critical for emulation.
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