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Originally Posted by Megol View Post
It's obvious that you have no experience with the CGA standard... The Atari ST is superior.
But the lack of hardware scrolling is very strange...

Atari ST modes: 320x200 16 colors, 640x200 4 colors, 640x400 2 colors (requires special monitor), palette of 512 (3-3-3 R-G-B)
CGA modes: 160x200 16 colors*, 320x200 4 colors, 640x200 2 colors, palette of 16** (1-1-1-1 R-G-B-I)

(* actually an undocumented text mode, no commonly used)
(** actually this is even less impressive as the colors aren't freely selectable - hence the characteristic "CGA look")
Well - one big change is definable CLUT not present in CGA, side to this all problems related to MC6845 seem to be valid for Atari design.

And yes, i know that CGA was Digital video signal (DAC was placed in each monitor, in Amiga this role is performed by VIDIOT).
My point was resolutions (CGA have limited to 16KB buffer - that's why i pointed CGA + HGC).
Hope this is clear, provided this feedback only to answer your doubts.
From my side this is all.

I addressed comparison problem between A1200 and Falcon earlier saying that there was no DSP in standard in Amiga, A1200 was not equipped with 68030 by default either.
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