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Hehe, opfcourse I also took this 'career'
But with the little but very important difference that I didn't sell my C64 when I bought the Amiga
Got my C64 at X-mas '84 with datasette only. About 2 years later 'upgraded' to a 1541.
In '90 I saved all my money from birthday and gave it back to my parents to make it possible for them to buy me an A-500 for X-mas
From then on I used both machines, but on the Amiga I almost only played games while on the C64 I had already learned little bit machine code. Since I didn't want to learn a new machine language again, I still did some cracking and hacking on the C64 and never really got into Amiga programming
But I'm very glad I still have my first C64 and Amiga-500, and also use them up to this day ! They haven't ever let me down !
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