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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
Is that emulation of the G-Force 030 (Impact A2000-030 Combo Series II)? I have the earlier Impact A2000-030 Combo. If is to be believed both boards are product number 11. Their capabilities are very similar (max memory capacity is the same). Board layout differs and the G-Force 030 uses PGA CPU & FPU vs QFP/PLCC for the earlier Combo board.
All GVP SCSI compatible turbo boards seem to use product number 11. Only differences seem to be DMA controller address space size and amount of RAM.

I'm not sure what software-visible differences there might be between the two, but at least the Impact A2000-030 Combo works with v3.x GVP ROMs as well as 4.x. Currently WinUAE only detects the 4.15 ROM when G-Force 030 is selected.
Works and was designed for it/manufactured with 3.x rom are two different things

For what it's worth, the 3.15 GVP ROM supports up to 16MB RAM at $01000000 and 32MB at $02000000. If no RAM is present outside the 24-bit region its memory check routine expects $01000000 to be mirrored to address 0. Perhaps some/all G-Force 030 boards support 16MB GVP SIMMs? That would explain the maximum allowed by the ROM; 4MB on-board (which would be mapped to Zorro II space) plus three 16MB SIMMs.
Real hardware information needed. Because same ROM is supported by multiple GVP boards, ROM data can't be used to guess hardware capabilities, like RAM size.
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