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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Beta 8:
- Added GVP G-Force 030 board. Same as GVP A530 but supports more RAM, located at 0x01000000.
Is that emulation of the G-Force 030 (Impact A2000-030 Combo Series II)? I have the earlier Impact A2000-030 Combo. If is to be believed both boards are product number 11. Their capabilities are very similar (max memory capacity is the same). Board layout differs and the G-Force 030 uses PGA CPU & FPU vs QFP/PLCC for the earlier Combo board.

I'm not sure what software-visible differences there might be between the two, but at least the Impact A2000-030 Combo works with v3.x GVP ROMs as well as 4.x. Currently WinUAE only detects the 4.15 ROM when G-Force 030 is selected.

For what it's worth, the 3.15 GVP ROM supports up to 16MB RAM at $01000000 and 32MB at $02000000. If no RAM is present outside the 24-bit region its memory check routine expects $01000000 to be mirrored to address 0. Perhaps some/all G-Force 030 boards support 16MB GVP SIMMs? That would explain the maximum allowed by the ROM; 4MB on-board (which would be mapped to Zorro II space) plus three 16MB SIMMs.
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