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Moon 1969 = amiga 1985

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most coders knew more well the c64 because they work on it since 1982, like the amiga games goes better and better later. The fact too is that the c64 had a good hardware less impressive that the amiga but it had what needed to make good games with good playability, fast scrolls, good music, if you add the fact that coders had more skills with the c64 and with no doubt coders like challenges and making games as good as amiga or even better could have push them to the limits. After all, even some remakes of good old games for the ps2 were less good that original versions from 80's or early 90's.
Like the new shufflepuck cafe vs the old amiga/atari version !!!
An other thing is that coders knew that they can't beat the amiga graphically, then they put everything on playability, on the amiga in an other way, it was a fight to have the most incredible gfxs or effects and sometime they forgot the playability, how much beautifull amiga games are unplayable or too hard ??? -> less enjoying even if really impressives.

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