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My first experience of home gaming came via an Atari 2600, but i kinda got into AD&D...

...then one of my best mates got a C64 for X-mas, on Boxing day i went around his house, and played galdregon's domain and batman the caped crusader...

... i then saved like hell to buy own C64, the first game i bought was Airwolf 2, which was really hard, the following week i bought Rainbow Islands...

about a year and a half later i traded in my C64 (and a few shed loads of games) and got an Amiga 500 (Screen Gems Pack)...

although the C64 was overshaddowed by the Amiga, i still have fond memories of the 64...

the Wizball theme tune on the 64, is soooo much better than the Amiga version!!!
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