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Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
Well - this is not explanation of anything - i can understand 9 bit CLUT (lower pin count on IC, Amiga is 12 pins but still there is nothing difficult to add 5'th bit and as such to have 15 bits but this mean 3 additional pins on IC and no longer 48 Pin DIL sufficient etc).
However lack of hardware pointer (single sprite) for mouse cursor in GUI is hard to explain - blitter can be explain as bigger problem - need to be synchronized, working concurrently with CPU and VDC etc
Mentioned HW scroll, lack of overscan... Once again - ST have graphics comparable to CGA + HGC - nothing fancy i would say.
It's obvious that you have no experience with the CGA standard... The Atari ST is superior.
But the lack of hardware scrolling is very strange...

Atari ST modes: 320x200 16 colors, 640x200 4 colors, 640x400 2 colors (requires special monitor), palette of 512 (3-3-3 R-G-B)
CGA modes: 160x200 16 colors*, 320x200 4 colors, 640x200 2 colors, palette of 16** (1-1-1-1 R-G-B-I)

(* actually an undocumented text mode, no commonly used)
(** actually this is even less impressive as the colors aren't freely selectable - hence the characteristic "CGA look")

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