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Originally Posted by sev7en View Post
Dear All,
first of all................, yes you deserve it, it is a wonderful community for a wonderful world.

I would ask you which one is the best emulator available for Mac OS X (Yosemite) if there is any specific thread to look for settings, tweaks and suggests.

Thanks and W AMIGA
If you google "mac os x amiga emulator" (,
you will find that the first result is actually the only viable Amiga emulator option on OS X Yosemite: FS-UAE which is actively maintained by Frode Solheim (hence the FS). Also it's quite good.
Coincidentally, its support forum is also hosted by the English Amiga Board.

In the past there were several others but their maintainers were apparently too anemic to follow up with WinUAE's updates (that's the reference version of UAE). Frode on the other hand seems to be competent and motivated enough to last several decades.

The emulator:
The support forum on EAB:

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