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Originally Posted by ovale View Post
Well... It is hard to believe that a corporation owning a chip foundry (mos) lost *all* the tapes and blueprints of its chips (I mean not only the Amiga chipset) as was nothing AND the companies who acquired the rights of what was commodore did the same.

IMO there is part of the story that is still untold.
I've read some time ago about such cases in semiconductor industry, sometimes lost of blueprints of a chip was reason to close company... strange, weird, rarely happens but it is true.
I can imagine that Commodore was this kind of company where IP especially at the end may be not considered as very important as sometimes companies not relly aproeciate technology they have assuming that they will always own technology.
Luckily nowadays this is not problems and chips can be open and layout can recreated from real silicone and this is no longer expensive and after 30 years seem that Amiga technology is no longer considered as extremely valuable IP.
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