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Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
Jack (TTL, later Atari Corp.) never had any plans to base computer on Lorraine!
TTL is sourced as one of money donators for Amiga.
Side to this i've wrote - Atari (buying Atari assets, TTL bough Atari Amiga contract) was able to use Lorraine, later this was confirmed in lawsuit (Atari claim that chips (3) are ready and designed for Atari).

Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
Commodore first sue Jack because lot of employees left Commodore to follow Jack in new TTL, later Atari Corp with goal to produce RBT computer.
When Jack son, Leonard, first find check on 500K$ only then they discovered contract regarding ex-Atari owners and Amiga team. They use it to contra-sue Commodore and to freez further Amiga development in same way as Commodore prevent Shiraz Shivji and other to work on ST for few months.
For me it is clear - Atari (and Tramiels) at this stage are aware of Amiga existence and they have knowledge abot Amiga (Lorraine) capabilities, they need to create own design in short time to be first o market (RBP)

Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
entire story can be read in: Atari Inc. Business Is Fun

I provide source that claims what I wrote that Jack had no plan to make computer based on Lorraine; now could you tell us who is source of story that Jack had plans to use Lorraine?
Well - this is problem, link have no end (only few pages available) - only part of story, side to this it shows point of view from one side - i would be not surprised if they not say everything as Commodore/Amiga people saying slightly different version.

If you are right then it is even more surprising why ST is so limited - why so inflexible display circuit was used ?!? (idea that ST was designed in rush, in situation where enemy competitor acquired superior technology can explain this rush - if this is not the case then sorry but i have no explanation).
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