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Originally Posted by Supamax View Post
Thanks Toni, very interesting thread .
This confirms what thomas wrote ("A CyberstormMK3/PPC or BlizzardPPC can boot from a SCSI CD due to their firmware. But you need to make your own bootable CD for this. There is no existing CD (game or other software) which uses this feature. Well, except OS4.").
No, it is not same. Only CSPPC/BPPC can boot true iso9660 CDs (because it has CD filesystem in flash ROM). RDB partitioned CDs are bootable in other controllers because they look like (more or less) normal RDB partitioned HDs.

Thanks. Yes, what I'm interested in is a vary basic setup: WinUAE A500+CD (or A1200+CD) configured so that I can load an Amiga CD game (not CD32/CDTV-only game) straight from the CD, without the need of copying all the data to HD first.
Apart from the "CDFS automount CD/DVD drives" option, is there something I have to add to my startup sequence, or some driver I have to add/load?
If CD did boot, you already had all needed drivers
UAE CDFS boot and RDB partitioned CD boot (on UAE or real hardware) is practically same as CD32/CDTV CD boot. It is nearly same as directory harddrive boot except drive is read-only (you probably need to use RAM disk) and depending on used CD filesystem, file names can have size and/or character set restrictions.

Also don't forget real CD vs CD image speed differences: real CD drive seek times can be extremely long!
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