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Now got GSX750F :))
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1st there was a PDP11 using punched cards and paper tape at the local tech, then there was a Tandy TRS80 Mk II and a Cambridge Research Machines 19" rackmount Z80 at school (80-82). Then there was the 8088 prototyping unit at college (8 switches to set the register, then a momentary switch to write to the cpu or mem...!). Then there was a C16, then an Amstrad PCW using locoscript and CP/M, and the one that changed everything for me, a Mac II which could write wysiwyg, spellcheck, print, scan and was wonderful. NB I didn't own these (the C16 was bought by mum & dad)

About the same time I heard about this great new computer called the Amiga A500 and went down to a highstreet ripoff shop and paid the full £400 for the best home computer ever. Never regreted it for an instant!

Also had (in no paticular order) VIC20, Spectum48+, 486DX2/50/16MB, P133/32MB, Cyrix MII 333/32MB, P400/32MB, AMD Tb800/64MB, Tb1200/256MB, XP1800/GF3/256MB/RAID, most of which Ive still got

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