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Beta 10:

- Added hd controller subtype selection.
- A590/A2091: DMAC-01/02 revision selection.
- GVP Series I: all revisions.
- Remaining non-DMA SupraDrives added.
- Masoboshi MC-302 (IDE-only) and MC-702 (IDE+SCSI). Note that only MC-302 is currently working, DMA also not yet supported. (Driver by default uses only PIO)
- Added A2090/A2090a emulation. (Currently shared with A590/A2091, it is not possible to use A2090 and A590/A2091 at the same time)
- Previous supradrive config entry name changed, config reset needed.
- A590/A2091 interrupt handling updates.
- 68000 address error stacked PC accuracy improved (MOVEM and NOT, CLR and other single operand instructions)
- Apparently GVP Series I Z2 RAM autoconfig id is 1761/8.
- Accelerator board without IDE and SCSI and SCSI (auto) or IDE (auto) selected: drive was incorrectly reserved for selected accelerator board.
- Reorganized accelerator board handling, built-in HD controller configuration source code special cases removed. ROM selection shows only ROM images compatible with selected accelerator board.
- Added accelerator rom config/jumper options. Currently only map rom for Blizzards (ROM panel MapROM emulation still also selects it) and OSMODE (J304) jumper for A26x0.
- WD33C93 emulation fix, A2630+A2090 Amix installation works.
- "24-bit address space is not supported with selected accelerator board configuration" error even when 24-bit was not enabled.
- Bogus 0x20 68882 stack frame version id removed, both 68881 and 68882 use 0x1f.
- Set/reset accelerator ROM correctly in Quickstart mode.
- Debugger fl was already reserved for listing active break points. Scanline fl renamed to fs.
- Debugger library and device list commands (Td, Tl) shows version, revision, opencount and id string.
- Debugger task list command (Tt) shows signals that task is waiting for and PC where task continues executing when Wait() returns. Also previously it showed extra bogus entry and usually also didn't show all tasks..
- Added extra prefetch hack for A26x0 ROM off switch code if 68030 MMU is enabled.
- On the fly switching from AGA to non-AGA mode didn't reset FMODE value.


- Commodore's first Amiga harddrive controller and it shows..
- Custom partition table (No RDB), autoboot is supported.
- Very confusing and illogical partitioning system. (No, double clicking "Prep HD" icon won't do what you would expect it to do. At least with SCSI-only configuration.)
- 34.4 boot ROM added.
- At least 34.4 has broken format routine (few absolute addresses are not relocated correctly in rom code) for SCSI drives. Disable boot ROM and use binddrivers mounting when running prep-program as a workaround.
- ST-506 parts not emulated.

GVP Series I:
- Impact A2000-1/X (Autoconfig Product number 1)
- Impact A2000-HC (Product 2)
- Impact A2000-HC+2 (Product 3)
- Nearly identical hardware. Different SRAM buffer size and SRAM address offset.
- Early partition software created incompatible RDB blocks. (For example checksum fields are zeroed)
- v1.0 (1.16 driver version) ROM added.

- A500 ByteSync/XP (was already supported since b8)
- 2000 WordSync
- A500 Autoboot
- 4x4 (Non autoboot). Clock chip not yet emulated.
- Supra AMABx ROMs support all above models.
- All Supradrives except very rare 2000 DMA (which apparently had bad DMA implementation and uses very different driver) are now emulated.
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