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Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
Simple! If you want Linux or Mac, use Linux or Mac.
The Amiga OS was loosely based on UNIX anyway, and has similar command line functions.
Where did I say I wanted Linux or Mac? I talked specifically about features not the whole OS.

So to make it clear: if a feature from X or Y is: good and useful, working, has no bugs or these bugs can be fixed, makes users life simpler and less tedious. Should we reject it because it did not originate in the Amiga ecosystem?

That's the question I asked and you did not answer. It has nothing to do with wanting Linux or Mac.

This is what I meant by "holy writings". What criteria are you considering for rejecting or accepting such a feature from another OS? If practicality, ease of use, comfort, etc. do not enter into consideration all that's left is the "Amiga" dogma.

The Amiga's OS has always done fine just the way it is, why do you think people still use it today?
If by fine you mean the companies who sell it are going bankrupt then I guess yes, it's doing fine.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post

This is the kind of imaginary wet dream that drives Amiga zealotry to infinity and beyond.

If you are referring to those buttons you could add to the system below(was it Tool Manager?): That was and add-on, not system included, and it was based on functionality included on NeXT Step which, oh the irony, was partly the basis for OSX.
Thanks for pointing it out Akira.
I tend to blur NextStep and OS X into one, OS X is just what NextStep evolved into when it was made exclusive to Macs in my view.

And it's a good example of OS transition btw: the original System 9 of the Mac was outdated, slow, buggy, not multitasking, with horrendous limitations imposed on programmers and they transitioned into OS X (X = 10, for System 10) which was actually a completely different OS, a NetBsd/Unix to be precise with temporary backward compatibility.
Only a minority of Mac users shed any tears when that happened because the result was infinitely better (albeit a bit slow at the beginning).

The same could happen to AmigaOS as far as I am concerned.
What I would want from a new machine however is backward hardware compatibility. A legacy Amiga on a chip on all new machines, now that would rock and cost about nothing.
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