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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
With respect, your 'pet peeve' is how many years too late?
Late? Who is making the schedule? I'm on my terms there.

You also underestimate how licensing works. The likes of Konami don't just hand out a licence to produce a copy of their work just for a fee, they'll want design briefs and plans and want to know everything, from release structure, to expected sales, and all that stuff.
I very well know how licensing works and you are correct.
I just did not mention it explicitly but it's the reason why I mentioned a "functional prototype". Of course you need to have a full market analysis, production plan and schedule ready when you go meet them.

And when you've complied with their every request..... they'll turn it down flat, because it isn't good for their brand.

The likes of Konami don't give a damn about stuff like this so long as you're not actively advertising it far and wide and seeking to make money out of it.
There you are just speculating. And pessimistically so.
They take many other factors into account, if this can appeal to a fraction of their market even if these people don't buy it this could be considered a free marketing campaign, they are fully aware of the appeal of retro gaming as well and if it's cleanly done, respect their brand and doesn't cost them anything, why not? They know what "cool" means, they are not just after the money. SEGA particularly goes after this aspect.

There is NO money to be made out of Amiga stuff anymore, thats why Putty Squad got released for free,
We are in full agreement, I said that myself.

the ONLY way to make money out of an Amiga title is a Kickstarter campaign, and then, and only then is it worth licencing something, because then you can't possibly be under the radar.

I'd love to finally see Z by the Bitmap Brothers released on Amiga, most of the setups people have now, its perfectly feasible......... I doubt Mike Montgomery would licence it for peanuts though
You very well MAY be right.

But you cannot brush off the alternative without trying first. Assuming success does not necessarily lead to success but doubting success leads to nothing being done at all.
You can try and fail but only those who try have a chance at succeeding.

Edit: my apologies Tony for the Off Topic! I will quickly download and test the demo and will not derail the discussion again I promise!!!!
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