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really good demo, good scroll.I recognized the original game but will let the surprise. thanks guys.
why nobody tried yet to make a kickstarter campaign for amiga games ??? I think it could work. And strangely even if the amiga is so old, i would like to see new games on it.
If amiga games were available now, i would be ready to buy one, for sure... But not any game, a good game, it could be beautifull or great scenario or impressive from a coding pov.
Now a rip of a really great game like metal gear (msx), i would pay for it too, but you'll have to buy the licence, you could make a kickstarter to pay the licence... ask the price of the licence for the amiga and just make a kickstarter to collect the money to buy it. I would like to see this happening, this should help to keep more alive the amiga spirit from the past.
I'm sure like the fact that more games for the 68k were done lately inspire others to do the same, if someone succeed to make a kickstarter, you'll have others trying the same. And if the games proposed are goods, i'm sure it can work.
ps: Or perhaps i'm a big dreamer.

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