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Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
Atari and Jack Tramiel lost his Lorraine contract and as such lost Amiga in moment when Commodore return 500k$ to Atari.
At this moment Atari was forced to work on different solution than Lorraine...
Jack (TTL, later Atari Corp.) never had any plans to base computer on Lorraine!

Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
and to gain time Tramiel filled lawsuit against Amiga/Commodore - this lawsuit give Atari 1 year advantage and this is story behind ST.
Commodore first sue Jack because lot of employees left Commodore to follow Jack in new TTL, later Atari Corp with goal to produce RBT computer.
When Jack son, Leonard, first find check on 500K$ only then they discovered contract regarding ex-Atari owners and Amiga team. They use it to contra-sue Commodore and to freez further Amiga development in same way as Commodore prevent Shiraz Shivji and other to work on ST for few months.

entire story can be read in: Atari Inc. Business Is Fun

I provide source that claims what I wrote that Jack had no plan to make computer based on Lorraine; now could you tell us who is source of story that Jack had plans to use Lorraine?

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