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This is great news. It's encouraging to see people not only get into (or even 'get back' into) Amiga coding, but creating a whole new group to do it is not only good for the Amiga community, but also for stoking the flames of nostalgia and making us all feel good inside

Plus, it should add as inspiration to those who are thinking about doing 'something' on an Amiga and get them to do it.

I was firtling about with Blitz Basic recently and did a bit of a scroller demo. Nothing special, but it has 2 scrollers and a bit of a tune. I was thinking of adding some copper effects to it, but never got around to it. After reading this thread I'm going to throw it out there for folk to see (or laugh at, or improve, or whatever).

Good going, CopperSky. Best of fortune and really looking forward to the demo
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